How to Blow Smoke Rings

How to Blow Smoke Rings

If you want to impress others with your cool party tricks, you might be thinking how to blow smoke rings through vaping. It looks very cool and amazing and interestingly, it is very easy to do.

The Easiest Way To Blow Smoke Rings

The first and foremost thing that you need to blow smoke rings is the good vaping kit. Smok Nord 2 vape kit is the best-known kit to blow smoke rings perfectly. Besides a good vaping device, you need is a very calm and composed atmosphere around you. This is because air will disturb the vapors and their ring structure may be disturbed due to moving air. On the contrary, if the air is still then the rings will blow perfectly. So now, you are completely ready to blow smoke rings.

As there are many stages to blow smoke rings started from easy to advanced levels of vaping. Here we will start in the easiest way.

Half Inhale of Vapours

You can start blowing a smoke ring by taking vapors into your mouth. You need to put a good amount of vapor into your mouth to blow a perfect “O”. But that doesn’t mean to inhale the smoke down to your lungs. If you do so, you are left with nothing to blow out. Avoid coughing while you blow smoke rings. While you inhale vapors, make sure to keep it into your throat. The right position of your tongue to blow smoke rings would point the bottom of your mouth.

Make “O” Shape

Here comes the most important part i.e. to make “O” shape form your mouth while smoke or vapors are within your mouth. This attempt is pretty easy as you have to shape your upper and lower lips like an O. to make it easier, pretend to say word “hoot”. Yes! That is the perfect shape you want to blow smoke rings.

Once you achieve the proper shape of your mouth, it becomes very simple to exhale out the vape rings. Your mouth should look like the image below.

While making smoke rings, do not try to stretch your lips to make large smoke rings. If you do so, you will not be able to blow the perfect “O” shape as the vapors disrupt with the air. Make it simple and go with the natural “O” shape of your lips and mouth to achieve correct results. Make sure not to hurt yourself while blowing smoke rings.

To release the smoke out of your mouth

While you have set your mouth to blow smoke rings, make sure not to blow out all the smoke you inhale at once. You have to push only a small amount of smoke to push out from your through with the help of your tongue. In this way, you will get one good smoke ring out of your mouth.

One more thing that you should put under consideration is to line up your jaws and make them still. Do not move your mouth, lips and tongue while blowing smoke rings.

Every time you want to blow smoke rings, you just need to start pushing the vapors out of your mouth with the help of your tongue and by taking short breaths.

Best Vape Device To  Blow Smoke Rings

The most important thing throughout this guide is to have a good vape kit so that you don’t have e to put a lot of efforts to blow perfect O’s. You can do all this by a well-known vape kit Smok Nord 2 kit. As it comes with the improvements in increased battery capacity. A very catchy interface along with the sleek design that catches the attention of people. It works best if the correct E-liquids and Nic Salt is used with this kit. So far, so good and appreciable product for blowing smoke rings through vaping.

Although there are some powerful Nic Salt and flavors that causes this Smok Nord 2 vape it to crack. It may include citrus, cinnamon and any flavor which contains Triacetin.

To blow perfect smoke rings, you need to ensure that your vape device should properly balance the supply of power and flow of air. The most preferable vape device for proper smoke rings is Box Mod (Smok Nord 2 kit) with the powerful battery and adequate power. The optimization of coils is also very important in vaping smoke rings.

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