PG VG Ratio Meaning Which is best

PG VG Ratio Meaning Which is best

If you want to try electronic cigarettes then it is absolutely normal to be curious about the ingredients used in them. In the beginning, vaping terminology is quite difficult to understand so here is the guide that tells about the most widely used e-liquid bases i.e. propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) also know as PG VG Ratio. Before we get into this conversation, let us have a look at E-liquids

What is E-liquid?

A liquid with which you can fill your atomizer or vaporizer again and again from which your vaping becomes much more effective and enjoyable is referred to as E-liquid. Similar to other chemical substances, e-liquids contain a base which demonstrates the viscosity (thickness) of liquid as well as its ability to enhance the chemical reactions.

Ingredients of E-liquids

In the case of electric cigarettes two most popular bases i.e. Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is used. Adding these bases to the e-cigarettes provides enhanced product flavoring and variable nicotine content respectively. The base and carrier put the nicotine and flavor together in the suspension so that the e-cigarette or vaporizer can produce perfect smoke clouds-just like vapor.

Both PG and VG are completely non-toxic. They are organic compounds and are approved by the FDA. These bases are used in the food as food additives on commercial basis. They are non-harmful substances and often used in the care products too.

What is PG E-liquid?

PG e-liquids are the most popular and most widely used bases used in e-cigarettes. PG is abbreviated as Propylene Glycol. These are colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid substances. It can be produced from fossil fuel processing as a by-product of fermentation. It can also produce from synthetic manufacture. For vape products, PG usually manufactures from synthetic production. Propylene Glycol is widely used for household purposes like food additives, shampoo, toothpaste, medications and as well as vaporization. Besides vaporization, it is also able to carry different flavors.

The thinner Consistency– as the Propylene Glycol has the runny consistency; it has a thinner variety than that of vegetable Glycerine. Due to this characteristic, this e-liquid can be easily absorbed by the cotton fabrics.

Less Gunk– this juice has a low density that is why it cannot build-up on the heating element of your atomizer or vaporizer.

Flavor Enhancement– As PG is an odorless and tasteless liquid, it never alters the flavor of your electric cigarette.

Throat hit– if you use it this continuously, it may affect your throat making it dry as it produces a strong throat hit similar to the tobacco cigarettes.

Risk of Allergy– the only disadvantage of using PG e-juice is that it may cause allergy issues upon vaping. It may start from the minor itching sensation in the throat and gradually build severe cases of allergy on the various body parts. If you experience any allergy issue then it is highly recommended to stop using PG e-liquid right away. You may need a doctor if this allergy issue raises to an extreme level.

What is VG e-liquid?

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a thick liquid that is usually extracted from the oil of palm plants. The good thing about using VG base it that it can produce a huge amount of vapor clouds with a little amount of liquid. Like PG, Vg is also colorless and odorless liquid but little sweet in taste. VG is also used as an agent for the preservation of food and also as a sweetening agent. It is a non-toxic and non-harmful substance so it is safe to use in food. Vegetable glycerin has the following characteristics

Thick Consistency– VG has thick consistency as compared to propylene Glycol.

More Gunks– because VG has a thick viscosity, it tends to clog the vapors and requires cleaning after short intervals.

Sweetening Agent– as VG has a sweet change so there is the possibility that it may alter the taste of the flavor of you e-liquid.

Risk of Allergy– some users of VG base complained that they got phlegm in their throat by the time that began to use this product.

More Vapors– VG produces a tremendously huge amount of vapors because of its thick consistency along with a little product. It doesn’t cause any allergic sensations to the users, unlike PG.

PG VG Ratio Meaning

The PG VG Ratio refers to as the amount of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in the e-juices. The PG produces strong hit flavors while VG is mild and works best in the production of smoke clouds. Hence, the blend of both bases entertains the user with the balance of pleasing flavor and the huge amount of vape clouds without having any side effects. Only one thing that should be put under consideration while using thee PG VG blends is the resistance of your atomizer. Make sure to choose the right ratio of the blend with the right e-cigarette.

PG VG Ratio

The most common VG and PG ratios are as follows:

  • 70%PG / 30% VG– This ratio is used along with the vaporizers that are below 1.0 ohms. This blend is made to form the most vapors from the sub-ohm vaping. This blend also maintains the flavor of your e-liquid.
  • 50% PG / 50% VG– the most commonly used blend of PG & VG is 50/50. This is an ideal blend for the basic mods and atomizers carrying the resistance levels between 1.0 ohm to 2. Ohms.
  • 80% PG / 20% VG– these blends work best for 0.5 ohms of atomizers or below. With this ration, you can  blow even bigger smoke clouds and your flavor remains constant
  • 100% PG / 0% VG– this blend is specifically designed for maximum vape clouds formation. This ratio works best for the professional vapors to leave the best impression. This ratio has nothing to do with flavor and more about blowing smoke clouds.

How to choose between PG & VG?

One of the most frequently ascend question that which base is best to use either PG or VG? The simple answer to this question is that it’s not about which base is best, it all depends on how you vape through these bases. It actually depends on which atomizer, vaporizer or e-cigarette you use. The ratio is the best way to demonstrate which e-liquid works best for you. Some users enjoy the intense throat hits while some enjoy sweet thick vapor plums.

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